Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is it exactly that makes us so quizzical and judgmental of religion. When i say that i will keep someone in my prayers, or thank god, i get these looks of complete ignorance. Now let's be honest here- i am not a perfectly structured christian. I use the lords name in vein frequently, and i have a trucker's mouth (which i want to work on). I make jokes that are unappropriate and hey, i'm not perfect in any way. I am NOT extremely religious. I haven't been to church in years-i spend easter eating candy rather than at church, and christmas opening gifts-not singing happy birthday to baby J. But-i have faith, and lots of it. The night before i got into Berklee-i prayed so hard with tears streaming down my face. I have asked God for help multiple times in life- and in the right situations he has helped me-or so i believe. What's wrong in believing in something? I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, and fate having a distinct design. No, i cannot explain 9/11- sudden infant death- or the Tsunami hitting Japan. Maybe god had other plans for those brilliant people. maybe they died so someone else could live. maybe they were being punished for a crime they commited in another life. I believe in Karma but i don't believe God punishes by killing. Don't get me wrong- i hate religon freaks and i hate when people shove their beliefs down your throat like dinner when you're extremely full. But some people want to believe in something-and who are they hurting if they do. I keep my faith to myself. I have faith, and i am truly blessed and lucky. Maybe i was dealt a good hand in this life-or maybe i did something right and God has blessed me. Either way-this is how my life played out. & i have faith.

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