Sunday, April 10, 2011

you're so shady, i can see your shadow,
your so sketchy, you're the roughest draft.
You're so yesterday, i have forgotten,
all the memories that we have had.
You're so full of it, you're overflowing,
all the lies spewing out your filthy mouth.
You're so unsure of just where you're going,
but you play it off like you've got it figured out.

i am stupid for being the one who always trusted you,
i believed in you when no one else would.
I've seen your darkest days, i've been blinded by your true colors,
i thought underneath it all i'd recover something good.
but you never had be fooled, just faithful,
you never had me fooled, just faithful.

You're so proud of the way you're lying.
but unfortunately it's not your forte.
You're so sure of the time your spending,
but unaware that it's too late

you can't change the past change the past,
as i hand chances out on a plate,
serving them one by one,
seeing if theres on that you'll take,
and you take them all and take them all
and now it's been just too much time,
and you take them all take them all,
but i am running bone dry

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